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Odrama_ws_smalln December 5th 2011 the students of the 4CM had the opportunity to attend a "Drama Workshop", which was organized by Ms. Pleyl and Ms. Fastenbauer as part of our English lessons.The whole workshop was arranged by a nice British man called Patrick Dowman.

At first the students had to do some coordination games, like "Simon Says" to get awake. Then the tasks got more demanding. One of these tasks included the preparation and performance of a Batman story and everybody had to be involved the whole time. Additionally, sound effects had to be created by the students.

The 4CM accepted the challenge and every group did a good job and every story was very exciting. If you saw the presentations, you would think you were watching the real Batman story, because every person was in their role and they performed well.

After the Batman story the class had to act in role plays to improve their spontaneity and their ability to identify with other characters. Every student of the 4CM was deeply impressed by the "Drama Workshop" and they said that it was much better than they ever expected. If any other class had the opportunity to participate in such a workshop, the 4CM would really recommend it.

Special thanks to Ms. Pleyl for taking pictures during the workshop and to Patrick who gave us many important tips and helped us solve our problems.


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