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drama_workshop_3ciWe had a special guest from London, Patrick Dowman. He and his project PWE (=Play With English) gained our favour in the very first moments of his visitation. We learned how to concentrate with different games, to be creative and to improvise by acting and playing in different stories and situations.

Suddenly I was a steering wheel. I never thought that this workshop could be so much fun.  The British former teacher made us perform a short sketch featuring a car and a tree – both made of acting students of our class. The idea of this workshop was to brace ourselves for the coming workaday life.

Thanks to our two English teachers Mag. Langmeier and MMag. Stracke-Weiss, who did not only organize the whole workshop, but even joined in and made it even more fun for us. And of course many thanks to Mr. Dowman for showing us our acting and English skills.

Stefan Latzko, Daniel Laxar, Tobias Primus, Armin Redzic


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