On Monday, January 28th, we, the 5CN, took our last school trip as a class to Salzburg.

After a quite long but amusing train ride in the morning, we arrived at our destination, where we were already expected by our tour guide for today.

First, we went to “Mirabell Garden”, followed by a tour through the historical city of Salzburg, including a visit at Mozart’s house of birth, “Salzburger Dom”, and many other sights. Around noon, we enjoyed our lunch break at a restaurant called “Sternbräu”. In the afternoon we took a funicular to get to the top of Salzburg’s “Festungsberg”, which rises up right from the historical city center and is the place where “Hohensalzburg” fortress is located. From there we had a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. While we were guided across the fortress, we learned a lot about its history and got interesting information about all former residents. After descending from the mountain again, we had some free time to be able to explore the city a little bit more on our own. Some of us decided to just stroll around along the river bank and “Getreidegasse”, while others wanted to try the original “Mozartkugeln”. After two hours, we once again reunited at the main train station, taking our train back to Vienna.

Although we were quite exhausted after this long day, it was great being able to go on this trip together before starting our very final school term.

Tanja Lehner